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Foaling Alarms


Our first foal arrived lastnight and we were thrilled to be able to witness it with the help of one of your Foal Guard Foaling Alarms!! Here are some pictures of our new born filly and her mum wearing her Foal Guard Foaling Alarm.

Many Thanks, Hayley Malseed 'Ellangowan Stud' www.ellangowanstud.com


Dear Georgia

The foaling alarm has arrived safe and well and has been put to use right away, our poor old girl Milly came down with colic, Vets came out and medicated her and suggested I use the foaling alarm for the night in case she went down again after the pain killers wore off. So glad we had it as she went down again at 4am, Vet came out and tubed and medicated her again and so far all is well and she is passing manure again. Without the alarm I would have either stayed up all night with her or gone to bed before 4am thinking she was ok. I will be keeping it on her for the next few days just to make sure. Then it will be put to use again for our mares. I am just so happy with it, it's a fantastic product, much better than our other alarm which won't reach our furthest foaling field. Yours worked all around our back field which is over 500 meters away from the house. I will be telling everyone I know about your alarms Thank you so much. Edna, United Kingdom

Dear Foal Guard

Thanks for getting the alarm to me so fast, it got here just in time. The alarm went off at 2:15 am this morning (My husband said he has never seen me get up so fast) it would have been a disaster without it as I did not think she would foal last night. The vet had to be called and after what seemed an eternity (around 5am) the foal was out. (a huge chestnut colt with 4 even white socks just like dad ) It was touch and go for a while, but he seems to be ok so far and Zana my mare is exhausted but ok. So thank you thank you so much, I may have lost both of them without it. Carrol QLD / AU

Hi Georgia Yipeee we have our first 2 foals, born just 2 hours apart. Everything worked like clockwork, first alarm went off at 2:40am and the foal was born just after we got there. Second alarm went off just before 5am, we had just walked back in the house and wallah next foal was born both are healthy and drinking. We have had the alarms on the mares for about 2 weeks and only got a few false alarms, mostly when they lay down to sleep, so the sleep switch is a great idea works well thanks. Only have one more to foal now, she is due in 3 weeks. I would not go through a breeding season with out an alarm now, it makes it so easy. I must admit I did still get up and do checks for the first few days, but that wore off and I just left it to the alarms. Thanks I'm really happy with the alarm and I have a few friends that will be contacting you next season as they missed all except one foal being born. Michelle WA / NZ

Thanks Heaps Georgia! You guys give great customer service, its a shame there are not more businesses around that look after their customers as well as you do. Thank you, for also updating our transmitter with a delay. The less false alarms the better. Many Thanks Again, I will highly recommend you guys to anyone that is looking at purchasing a foaling alarm.

Stacey. WA/ AU

Hi Georgia, Just letting you know that I have the foal alarm on my mare and it is working wonderfully! Still no foal yet though:) It was really easy to attach to the halter and I'm very impressed with its neatness! We had fun testing it out last night and could not find a spot where it would not work in the foaling paddock. Hayley Vic /AU

Hi Georgia, It has finally happened! A colt foal 2am Sunday morning all ok:) I had to leave for Melbourne at 6am so he arrived just in time or I would've missed it! The alarm went off at 2am and by the time I went for a look the foal was nearly all out. He was still in the sack with his back feet still in the mare while she was sitting down. I opened the sack off his head and pulled him out completely as the mare was not too fussed still having a sit down! He was a bit slow off the mark and gurgling a fair bit so I would hate to think what would have happened if I wasn't there! I am not sure but I thought the sack should have broken when he first came out?? Anyway the alarm worked wonderfully and I have a healthy mare and foal! Hayley Vic /AU

Hello I purchased a foaling alarm from you a few months ago and wish I had done it years ago. I have been there for all 14 of our foals and saved two which we may have lost without the alarm. It makes foaling so easy. I just put the transmitters on and off I go to bed, no setting alarm clocks, no getting up at 2 hourly intervals, just wait for the alarm to go off. We get the odd false alarm when one of the mares lays out to sleep, but I don't mind that at all. .Thank you very much for a great product, one very happy customer. Geof, CA, USA

Hi just a quick note. I purchased a foalguard for my mares for next season however we also have a Holstein stud...Cows...I have a very valuable girl just calved and she is what is known as a "downer cow".. She keeps getting caste and going flat out...the danger with this is that cows need to burp and belch ..if they dont they bloat and blow up. Caste cows are a death warrant. I have put the foal alarm on her ..and so far it has worked beautifully...alerting me to her being flat out and needing a hand to get back to the sitting position. I have Included a photo of her wearing the Foalguard alarm...I think there is a market out there for Dairy farmers too. Regards and again thank you

Cow is a Top show cow...her name is Orchard Vale Storm. Chriss... She is an 10 yr old nearly 11 yr old cow. She has won many shows around Victoria. She is such a pet. She thinks she is human really...she was the first Cow ever to set foot in the new Livestock pavilion at the Melbourne show grounds. The foal alarm has trully saved her life...she would have died without it. I suffered through 2 nights of hourly observations before I rememembered that I had it!! She is much better today and is getting up and down on her own without the need of us using the Hip Clamps and tractor to lift her. Its such a relief to know that tonight I can go to sleep and the Foalguard will take over the "observations" I dont have it set on timer but directly on Alarm. I think its most valuable use in cows is to Alarm us of those who have got caste. I hate to think how many I have lost getting caste after calving. Cows often get after calving paralysis and cant get up after calving. I am thrilled with the results that it has given me in this case. Regards Wendy. Yarragon, Victoria.

Mare Pregnancy Test

Hi guys Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your help with my mare and all the questions you answered for me, your product was easy and painless on both mine and the horses behalf, We found out in just a matter or minutes that we were not having a foal putting my mind at ease, your product showed up on time and worked brilliantly, the easy to follow instructions made the test very easy Thanks again for all your help Aleesha & kadbury

hi there wee foal checker people, i can not believe how easy and simple the test was to use!! i had brought 2 (other brand tests) which cost me $140 which included postage only a few weeks ago and they gave me negative readings but i was still sure that she was pregnant so i got the wee foal checker and got my reading instantly like in 30 seconds didn't have to wait the 5-10 mins like it sais and now i am waiting on the arrival of a little foal!! the test came out very VERY clear POSITIVE!!! yahhh thanks for making my day and year by selling this product i will be buying them again in the future. thank you Rachael Moore hobart,tasmania

Hello Foalguard
So very happy to tell you that both my mares have shown a positive result with your tests and BOTH were scanned negative by the Vet 3 months ago. Vet has now confirmed (FOR FREE) that yes they are pregnant. (Bit of egg on face there I think lol). Anyway just wanted to say thankyou and can I order 2 more tests please and I have also passed on your details to our Vet as he was quite interested in getting some lol.
Simon QLD, Australia.

Hi I just tested two of my mares with your pregnancy test, I did not think they were in foal, but the tests said they are and the vet has confirmed. Very happy thank you will be buying them again. Regards Joanne, Tamworth, NSW.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My mare is pregnant!! I am so excited. The test was so easy and so much fun to do. We really did not think she was pregnant as she is getting on a bit and this will be her last foal. Hoping for a filly. I need a foaling alarm now, can you send me details and prices please. Ok going to go and frame the test now lol. Thanks so very much. Cheers Linda, Perth, WA

Foaling Predictor Kit


Dear Georgia The predictor kit worked like a treat, I would have been up every night for 2 weeks with out it. Kira foaled within 5 hours of it reaching the 5th square. My other mare Honey was a little tricky to get milk from, she has an attitude that girl. I did not get to test her on the morning she foaled but the test was just below the 5th square the night before so I knew she should go some time in the next day or 2. She foaled 4pm that afternoon. I will ordering more test strips for next season as my friends used what I had left.
Kylie QLD / AU

At 4am this morning I have a chestnut colt - 3/4 Irish Draught. Looking at the mare yesterday I would have said she still had the 2 1/2 weeks to go till her due date. BUT the test told me from 12 - 72 hours - IT WAS RIGHT. Thanks again M.Gloucester. NSW

Hi, Just giving you some feed back on your product. Jaffa , my brood mare was having her 5th foal. I know this mare back to front when it comes to foaling. I have always estimated her exact night of foaling with all her babies. She foals 5 weeks after bagging up, 2 weeks when she lets down ,wax's up 1 week prior, and normally goes 3/4 days prior to due date ,so estimated 10/11th november. Just before the night of her birth, her back legs swell, she goes quiet and separates from the herd,shows signs of discomfort(stamping, tail swishing),her belly changes shape ,narrows and a hollow flank and she always goes late evening.I can set my clock on these signs. Showing no signs of impending birth I thought I would start testing her milk so as to see the changes progresses in the next 7/8 days. On the 4/11/08 at 6pm she was on the 4th square ,with no other signs I guessed she was going to be one of the 3%. I put her into our foaling paddock anyway, next morning no foal and no signs of foaling so she was let out with the other horses. So at 3pm that afternoon(5/11/08) I tested her milk again, it was on the 5th and final square with no other signs of foaling I again put her in the foaling paddock. So at 6am the next morning (6/11/08) with no foal and no other apparent signs I let her down the back paddock again. I looked down the back an hour later and I had a foal on the ground. Next year I will take a lot more notice of your test strips Regards Helen, Landsborough, QLD

Camera Kits


Dear Georgia Just wanted to say thanks for a great product and I must say excellent service, We set the camera up in our float just before we moved. One colt flipped himself over and we watched it all happen on the monitor. We would have been driving for another 30 minutes and not known without the camera. He has a few scrapes but is fine otherwise. We could see what they were doing very clearly, made it so much easier. Normaly one of us rides in the float with the young ones, no need for that anymore it's great. The new house has a pool, so I'm going to set it up there when we are not using it for the horses.
Sharon Tas / AU



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